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BioAxis DNA Research Centre (P) Ltd is the No.1 DNA test laboratory in India. BDRC is the leading and most trusted Molecular Laboratory offering services and Products services related to DNA Testing, DNA Profiling,Paternity Test,Genetics,Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. BDRC DNA test laboratory is dedicated to advance the field of life sciences by working together with Government and Private sector organizations, Companies, professionals, academicians and students through consultative, advisory, educative process.

Incorporated in 2005 BioAxis DNA Research Centre (BDRC) private limited is a leading life science company with a vast range of services in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Forensic Science. BDRC is one of the most trusted DNA Test service facilitators in India whose reports are accredited by ISO17025, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), ASCLD (American society of crime laboratory directors), FQS (Forensic quality services), ACLASS. BDRC has collaborated with several institutes and companies of national and international repute. In small span of 5 years BDRC has vast experience in working for and with top notch Institutes like University of Sao Paulo (USP) Brazil, Bode tech, Lorton USA, Andhra Pradesh Police academy (APPA), Andhra Pradesh forensic Science Laboratory (APFSL), Orissa Forensic Science Laboratory, FSL Uttar Pradesh, FSL Bihar, and many others. BDRC is the only Private forensic company in India, which have been involved in training of Police officers for Forensic medicine and DNA Evidence collection, packaging and transportation. Leading agencies like National Police Academy Hyderabad, APPA, have also used and appreciated our DNA Evidence collection products. Over several years of service, we’ve become most trusted service providers to a number of Research organizations, Police Departments, Corporate, Universities, Hospitals, doctors, Lawyers and attorneys. BDRC enables effective Research, innovative discoveries and speedy project completion that is the requirement of all present era industry. Leading Government and Private Life science research organizations/companies/Universities and emerging biotech associations worldwide have chosen us as their most trusted outsourcing partner and utilize our expertise of DNA Forensics, Genetics and Molecular services, Biotechnology services, Vaccine screening, New discovery and identification of gene targets & biomarkers. BDRC aims to launch DNA testing/Molecular Diagnostic services and training’s on low cost with high quality so that science reaches every human being.