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BioAxis DNA Research Centre (P) Ltd is one of the leading and most trusted Molecular Laboratory offering services and Products services related to DNA Testing, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. BDRC is dedicated to advance the field of life sciences by working together with Government and Private sector organizations, Companies, professionals, academicians and students through consultative, advisory, educative process.

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Microbial DNA Identification Services

16s/18s DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is the most accurate and reliable method used at BDRC for Microbial identification. Not only the DNA sequencing but BDRC also identifies bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and yeasts based on FAME analysis and biochemical characterization. read more

Internships, Training and Research Projects

Biotechnology Project and training in India is most important need of the students community, researchers, scientists, and personals interested in carrying out life science research and want to pursue a career in Biological sciences. read more


E Course Ware

Learn and explore through our virtual e learning programmes with world class courseware



Suite of customizable Bioinformatics tools. Your need.,try our Customization for your Bioinformatic Analysis.


Evidence Collectors

Buccal DNA Collection swabs, Filter based DNA Collectors, DNA Evidence collectors for all crime scenes.



DNA Isolation (Extraction) and Purification kits, PCR Kits, Molecular Biology Kits to support your Research.

Research and Development

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Current Research Areas

We at BDRC strive for perfection in the field of Biological Research for the development of Vaccines and Drugs to improve quality of life and help develop our society and mankind as a whole. We believe that improvement and perfection can be attained by a proper information flow system among youth, students and professionals for the intellectual growth of our nation and mankind and constantly strive to achieve the optimum standard in our day-to-day work. We strongly believe in environmental responsibilities and social commitment and our faith that our Research & Development strength fuels our social contribution.


Workshop on Modern Drug discovery

Workshop on Molecular Biology Lab tools

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