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DNA Test in Hyderabad

BioAxis DNA Test lab is the No.1 DNA test lab of India and has expanded the collection centre network to the twin cities i.e, Hyderabad and Secunderabad to cater the needs of DNA Test in Hyderabad.

DNA Test in Hyderabad

DNA Test in Hyderabad

The DNA test collection centre in Hyderabad is well equipped with the facility of DNA sample collection for swab as well as blood, transportation of DNA samples to the DNA test laboratory. The DNA sample collection agents are properly trained by the scientists of  DNA laboratory.

The DNA test collection centre in Hyderabad offers following services in Hyderabad and nearby areas:-

  • DNA Test in Hyderabad
  • DNA Paternity Test
  • DNA Profiling
  • Immigration DNA Test
  • Legal DNA Testing
  • Private DNA Test
  • Court Admissible DNA Test
  • Peace of mind DNA Test
  • Genetic DNA Test
  • Sibling DNA Test
  • DNA test to prove Child swapping
  • Orphanage DNA Test
  • Grand parentage DNA Test

The laboratory maintains the confidentiality, fast turn around time for DNA test results and gives you the best result with the accuracy of 99.9% for DNA test in lowest price in Hyderabad,Telangana.

The Hyderabad based DNA test lab coordinates with the law enforcement agencies, client and the embassy to provide DNA test in Hyderabad for immigration DNA test. The DNA test results provided by the BioAxis DNA Centre Lab meets the AABB requirements.

Note: The court admissible DNA test in India needs the order fro the honorable courts of India. The private DNA testing results and peace of mind DNA test results have no legal validity and they cannot be used for any legal purposes under any circumstances.

For DNA test in Hyderabad, Call +91-9247438983 to speak to BioAxis DNA test lab executive and book your appointment today for home DNA sample collection or ordering home DNA test kits.