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Cell and Molecular Biology
Cell signaling Cell and Molecular Biology
Enzyme structure and function
Cell specific gene expression
G Proteins
Molecular Polymorphisms
Recombinant DNA and Gene cloning
Transformation and transduction in bacteria
Transgenic plants


Medical Biotechnology
Lung cancer and tumor proliferation Medical Biotechnology
Cancer Biology
HIV infections
Research on other genetic disorders and different syndromes
Personalized medicine


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Genomics Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Structural Biology
SNP and Alternative splicing
Computational intelligence and pattern recognition in biology
Engineering in biology


Forensic Science
Mixed STRs in crime samples Forensic Science
Forensic Bioinformatics
Forensic Medicine
Questioned document analysis
Sample collection, handling, packaging and transportation


Epigenetics Genetics
Genetic linkage and genetic maps
Transposones (Jumping genes)
Genetic reconstruction


Clinical Research
Clinical Data management and analysis Clinical Research
Medical Informatics
Intelligent medical systems

Technology DevelopmentTechnology Development

BDRC strives to undertake Research in technology development and doing innovative research for benefit of society. There are several projects in progress at the institute. We are open to any collaboration.