BioAxis DNA Research Centre Private Ltd. facilitates the contract research in vast areas of life sciences viz. Microbial & Plant Biotechnology, DNA forensics, Bioinformatics, Drug designing, SAS and Clinical research, etc., at its R&D division with the association from its highly skilled Research Scientists, Research Associates and Research Assistants. The research services provided by BDRC are 100% authenticated, cost effective and takes less time.

BDRC Provides Contract Research in:

Molecular and Biochemical Microbial (Bacteria/Fungi/Molds/Yeast) Identification Services using the validated
molecular and biochemical techniques
Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics for the detection of pathogens (bacteria/viral)
Karyotyping and FISH for the identification of Genetic disorders
Sequencing of specific genes/PCR products from Microbes, plants, animals,
humans, etc.
Plant DNA fingerprinting services like RAPD, RFLP, AFLP, ISSR fingerprinting
Identification of Animal tissues by using PCR-based DNA test
Studies on Plant/Animal/Microbial Proteins and Enzymes
Transgenic Plants
Gene expression studies using Microarrays
Phylogenetic studies on Microbes & Plants
Sequence and Structure homology studies for various protein sequences
Drug & Vaccine designing studies
Protein Modelling
Data mining & Data Analysis
Microbial & Plant Biotechnology